Thursday, May 7, 2020

By George, I do believer that there really is a "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

      One of my favorite times of the day, or rather, night, is about 2:30 am - 3:30 am, and my favorite place is to be out on my back deck, wrapped in an old comforter, under a sky full of stars, while swinging on one of my two deck swings. I stare up into the night sky and have some of my best talks with GOD.   Today, He taught me a great truth and a wonderful explanation for these past few horrendous years.
     These last few years the heat in the fiery furnace of affliction has been exceptionally high, so much so that I have 3rd degree burns over 95% of my spirit and soul.  Each year has been getting progressively worse than the previous.  I've cried an ocean worth of tears and I think maybe Jesus has, also, watching me hurt so much, but tonight, I think I may have seen a great truth.     
       You see, I've lived in "Kansas" all my life, gray, boring, but stable Kansas life.  It's all I've known, it's all I've ever expected.  I never sought more, because I never knew there was a “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” out there for me.  God wanted me to know that there really is a "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, where skies are blue, and troubles melt like lemon drops, and dreams that you dare to dream of really do come true."  
      In order to prove to me that it really exists, He brought me there temporarily in my life, mind, heart and dreams.  I had heard of that place, believed it existed for some, but never dared to dream that I'd ever leave the gray-scale of "Kansas."  I never believed that GOD would color my world with the brilliant spectrum of the spectacular hues of the rainbow.  
        At first, I couldn't understand why GOD had shown me such a wonderful place, but then took me away out of it back to an even darker gray-scale Kansas.  Since then, He  has kept me trapped here, lost like a needle in a Kansas haystack, not able to find my way out, which has just broken my heart even more, until tonight.  Then, the light got a little brighter when He opened my eyes to a truth I knew about myself, but always hated.
       I'm so terribly sentimental, probably more than the average woman, and when I love something or someone so deeply, I am unable to stop.  I take loss harder than most, and it weighs on my heart like 50-ton weight, trying its best to crush it and bleed it dry.  GOD had planned all along to take me out of "Kansas," because He knew I would never leave on my own.  Being Who GOD is, as Omniscient, He knew I couldn't take the emotional pain of being ripped from what I've always known and loved, unless, I had a taste of "Somewhere over the rainbow" first. 
      I've been watching and choking as my "Kansas" has become a  dust bowl.  Soon, I will be leaving it for good and the knowledge of that fact has ripped a whole in my heart the size of the black hole way out in the universe.  Knowing, however, that a place  where skies are blue is just beyond the rainbow of promise, has been my saving grace, helping me to accept the current dust bowl status of my "Kansas" life.  

         Sometimes, GOD has to turn up the heat in the fiery furnace of affliction to get us ready to handle "Somewhere over the rainbow," because it's going to take more than just a "Kansas" kinda of girl to be able to handle that place in life and still be able to give GOD all the credit and glory, while enjoying the lemon drops and wishing upon a night sky's worth of stars in that new exciting place.   Maybe, I won't miss "Kansas" after all. 

      Enjoy this as much as I do, every time I hear it: 
My favorite version:   Somewhere Over The Rainbow with Iz

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