Friday, May 1, 2020

Curiosity doesn't kill cats.  

    Contrary to popular believe, curiosity doesn't actually kill cats, as a matter of fact, it saves souls, breeds life, and give hope to the despaired.  It educates, seeks out truth, opens the mind, eyes and expands the horizon for the curious fellow who needs to know.  For the research junkie like myself, it's my bread and butter.  Curiosity cures what ails us the most, ignorance and apathy, the two worst plagues that divide humans and breads discontent.  

  It is so much easier to believe a lie we are told over and over again, because it takes too much time and effort to search for the answers ourselves.  As faulty humans with faulty reasoning, we just choose to believe what we've heard a thousand times from who we think are reliable sources. It makes sense to us, because they are experts at sounding like experts, when in all actuality, they are just propagandists.  

     Many times, we are looking for someone to validate our point of view, so we will seek out only those who agree with us.  We don't want to take another persona's view in mind and consider it, because that might require effort, humanity and worst of all, humility.  GOD knows how much we hate to admit that we might have been wrong.  There is no one who hates doing that more than yours truly.  I've been stuffed with more humble pie than your average middle-ager, because I'm particularly stubborn, a trait my late mother gave me, thanks a lot mom!  

     It goes against everything human to swallow a dish full of humble pie, let alone an entire bakery's worth.  I do not presume to be right all the time. I'm sure that I am wrong a lot.  Because I've been wrong a lot and stubborn, I expect my readers to fact check and double fact check my blogs in regards to the Bible. I will include Bible passages in these blog, however, I will make you go find them yourself.  I'll give you the estimate GPS, but you will have to actually drive to that location with your fingertips.  You will have to read the passages before and after to make sure that I've used the Scripture in context.  In that way, you will learn the context.  

     You see, that's how I learned the Bible. I always wanted to prove someone wrong, so I would check out every passage I read in a blog or a book.  I checked out the passages before and after, and then I checked out the historical context. That's a research junkie's curse, we can't help ourselves.   We cannot learn the Bible for ourselves by being lazy, by just take someone's word for it, or let them spoon-feed us passages. We just become little tape recordings that way, and we don't get fully educated.  By not understanding the full context and historical context of the Bible, one may end up following any whack-job that calls themselves a prophet.  Believe me, there are MANY out there who do.     One thing I have learned is that if a person is a self-proclaimed prophet, then that indeed is all they are, self-proclaiming and not GOD ordaining. 

     GOD has put it on my heart to write this book, and I have stubbornly refused.  Because of that stubborn streak in me, He keeps spanking me.  Let me tell you, GOD's spanking hurts way more than my mother's wooden spoon, but they do less damage and teach us from the inside out, as opposed to making us moral robots.  If GOD spanks you, consider it a compliment from GOD.  He doesn't spank those who He knows will not be humble enough to learn, or worse say those awful words we fight like anything to avoid, "I was wrong, now I apologize, will you forgive me?

   When one of my eight children did something wrong to the other, I never let "I'm sorry," do.  I'm sorry is I regret, or I did something by accident, but to come right out and say, "I was wrong," takes a very very big person, and those are the people GOD wants to use.  

    I hope that my blog blesses you. It is my second attempt. I had a blog for three years which got a lot of exposure and over 130K readers, and in one of my usual toddler-temper tantrums with GOD, because I couldn't get what I wanted my own way in my own time, I deleted it.  I was going to get back at GOD for spanking me.  Yeah, that didn't work out so well.  So, here I am, again, starting all over, again.  I plan to use much of what I wrote before, because I got the same response from people, over and over.  

    Apparently, I have a way of putting things that make it easier to understand and relate to for most.  If you ask me how it is that I do it, I cannot tell you, because I do not know.  I guess, I'm just being me, and I'm quite the unusual bird, which is why I am a life-long reject.  I just do not fit in, nor do I want to.  I'm too curious about everything going on, and I have to fact check EVERYTHING and everyone. 

Please feel free to comment, good or bad. We never know how we are doing until someone either rebukes us or commends us. 


  1. You write with passion, rawness and zeal. I can relate as well as many others. Its true that many build their faith in Christ off of the verbal contributions and accolades of the hym writers, puritans, evangelist s etc rather than search out the scriptures ourselves. I appreciate your zeal for knowledge and zeal for truth. You are genuine and honest about the effects of pain and sorrow and how the wind of it carries you. Not unto us oh God, not unto us...

  2. Very open honest about your pain and genuine about your love but honestly I don't think it's God's responsibility to take our feelings for someone away it's our ability to let go of something we shouldn't have latched onto to begin with, this 2nd man didn't deserve love because he didn't appreciate it so why hang onto it? Its the determination that you won't allow that rejection to consume you again once you truly know who you are in Christ rejection can't control you see your value you're not validated by how someone treats you, only that God created you validates your worth

    1. My dear sister, I completely understand what you are saying, and believe I've had FOUR years of fighting GOD on this one. What you suggest is the human response to pain. However, we don't deserve GOD's love or Jesus's sacrifice any more than those who hurt us. Yet, while we were sinners, Christ died for us. I have NOT held on to this love because I've wanted to or he deserved it, but because GOD assigned me it. Psalm 37:4 says, delight yourself in the LORD and He shall give you the desires of your heart. The Hebrew word for "shall give" means to set, to put. In other words, when we delight in Jesus, he "sets, he puts" his desires into our hearts, because he knows the end game. Likewise, Philippians 1:13, says that GOD is working in us to will and do as HE desires. I understand GOD's Agape love more now than ever in my life. It is relentless and it never ends. It pursues us until it wins over our hate and our sinful stone-cold hearts. Ezekiel 36:26 says that GOD breaks our stone hearts and gives us a flesh one. Then, He can mold it and make us that masterpiece that He had planned since before the creation of the world. Believe me, my head doesn't want to love him, my commonsense says it's ludicrous, but because Jesus control my heart, it loves him like He does. .

  3. Yes I understand the agape love, I thought you meant you were in love with him and couldn't let go?? Maybe I misunderstood? I don't read a lot anymore so I saw it differently

    1. I did fall in love with him, but it was a different kind than I ever experienced. It was a spiritual love, one that existed before time. Romans 4:17 says, GOD calls that which is not as if it were. So, the masterpiece that GOD is going to make out of him was who I fell in love with, but I was several years too early. I don't know when GOD will break his stony-heart, I only know that GOD will.


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