Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Cutting the Apron Strings
From the Mother Church

Part 3

If this is your first visit to this topic, PLEASE go back to part 1, then part 2, before you read this. 

  I would like to say that we got it right, finally, but as the human condition falls even further from GOD's original design of creating man in His own image, it became warped, again.  This time, the movement fragmented into thousands of different units.  Grace nearly disappeared all together. It was preserved, but  warped into  different kinds of grace.  The grace of the modern church system has many different definitions and practices compared to the truth of GOD's original intent and designed. Grace is somewhat blurred, based upon each denominations'  definition of "saving grace," by that denomination's interpretation and understanding of Scripture, which is based upon what the church fathers taught them to believe as well as the old commentators and Biblical scholars.
Universities became learning centers to carry on, carry out, and train pastors to believe what their professors taught them to believe, and how to perform in and operate the business of a church as the “leader of the flock.”  It wasn’t long before those seminaries were invaded by flawed teachings, and some might say, Soros-style deep state plants, meant to do serious damage to the church, to kill it from the inside out. There's that old teaching from Balaam, rearing its ugly head, again, warping GOD's people from the inside out.  You'll have to research Balaam in the Old and New Testament to understand his teaching.  (A word search in something like www.Biblegateway.com will help you out there.   It was an infiltration rather than a invasion, as we have been taught by Q to see. 

 My friends, contrary to popular belief, the devil, a created being, by the way, and not a divine one, is not hanging around the red districts in downtowns, no, he likes being in the churches where he sends his minions to do his bidding to mess with people so they can mess up GOD good work.  The minions operate through the same deep state cabal trying to destroy our free nation, and is just as effective in the churches as they were in the halls of Congress.   At this point, that would not be too difficult of a job, because the lines of grace and Christianity have become so blurred, that no one seems to know which is right. This one says this, that one says that. As a matter of fact, if you know Scripture and the book of Judges, the last verse of the book says, "There was no "king" (central truth), and everyone did what was right in their own eyes."  Now if ever there was a truth in our churches today, that is it!  
 This new form of undefined grace stayed true to the cathedral system, but took it even further and built giant  business who remarried the state, called themselves churches, and  disguised themselves as evangelists, when in all actuality, they have become massive conglomerates run by CEO’s called senior pastors.  These corporations  have grown so elaborate and “sophisticated” that it’s not just one central building of worship, but huge multi-structural campuses, thus having to hire a staff of employees to keep the business running, bringing in more “customers," I mean converts, to keep the pews filled, the offering plate full, as well as the staff busy running the programs running the (customers) people in the pews, who sit quietly once a week, while spectating a carefully crafted and choreographed performance of what is accepted by man as a "worship service." A board of director is required with any incorporated business, because the corporation answers to the state in lieu of audits of their finances.  They claim non-profit status, but really, they are very profitable, (Revelation 3, the rich church)  it’s just doled out in huge salaries for men and women making a career out of climbing the corporate ladder of the corrupt incorporated church entity. Sadly, these conglomerates are non-profit to the government’s liking, but definitely non-prophet to GOD’s not liking. 

If a John-the-Baptist walked into today’s church, would he be recognized? How about a Jeremiah, or an Ezekiel, or even a Daniel.  I  venture to say, no, they wouldn’t. In fact, if one of those guys walked into a church, they'd be told to go seek professional counseling for their delusional "faith," and be ostracized.  Take it from one who knows.   
 These huge conglomerate incorporated “churches”  became so self-sufficient, and "marketed" by man, that the worship of GOD, by the congregations became just a past-time.  For nearly all, this movement became a way of life for "sleeping" participants, who are now   bottle-fed the same old select verses in a typical New Testament church,  in weekly segments, in many different styles, degrees of complexity, with grace and truth further being watered down and less defined  by the Scripturally-dumbing down of GOD's people.
 Currently, GOD's people fit basically fit into three different sects.  There are the performance-based pharisee type, the lawyers who define GOD's grace and truth by how a person acts and make judgments based on their own interpretation of Scripture.  The Epistles are LAW, and what Paul says, is what the Christian MUST do to prove his or her salvation.  It's as if the New Testament Epistles have become the New Testament Leviticus. The second type is the so blurred/worldly sect that one cannot tell the difference between GOD's people and secular worldly people, and the last most damaging and dangerous sect are the scoffers, damning everybody else who doesn't teach or believe as they interpret GOD's Holy written Word.    

Hence, now, after 400 years in a new land, (does that time frame sound familiar?) GOD is again pulling out a Remnant to return to the Gospel spreading people He originally designed in those first fifty to 200 years, the Gospel that is constantly on the move, not holed up in four walls and a ceiling, constricted by the "law and profits."  I must put in this disclaimer, before I am accused of saying that on the Remnant are the only true Christians.  I am in NO way making a statement as such.  What I am saying is that GOD is calling out His Remnant to do a new work, to return to the original design and intent of the Apostles, which began right after Pentecost. What does that look like?  How about you read the book of Acts, and between you and GOD, you can decide.  Many people like the incorporated church, and that's fine also, you see, what Sally, Jane, Larry, and Dewayne do for worship and service to the LORD is none of my business.  That's between them and GOD. 
It was nearly a whole lifetime in what I call the fiery furnace of affliction that broke me and brought me to my knees to seek and search for a higher and deeper for truth, to seek GOD for help just to stay alive.  For the past eight years of brokenness, rejection, hardship, and solitude, I have had to basically LIVE in the Bible, day and night, both the Old and the New Testaments.  I did not do it to act, look, or become more righteous, but to find some ray of hope that these days of despair and scorching burning flames of the fiery furnace of affliction may someday end.

  One thing I know  for sure is that despair and my days of sadness, disappointment, frustration, and hope deferred will not follow me to my Heavenly home, being prepared for me by my very own personal Savior, Jesus Christ, aka, Yeshua, Messiah, Mashiach.  One day, I will never be sad, broken, hurt, or cry, again

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