Friday, May 1, 2020


Because this blog is to help you find strength, truth, joy, or just become a little more empathetic to the plight of Christians, we need to establish that GOD actually exists. Up until May 2014, I also had my doubts.  My “spiritual blindfold” was ripped from my eyes way back in 1989, when I was twenty-six years old.  I understand making it all the way to adulthood as a non-believer, if one can call the twenties adulthood. I more think of it as extended adolescence in our current culture.  I was just minding my own business, carrying on with life as a wife and mother, when this “wind” of the Spirit knocked me sideways and brought to me what I never saw coming.

People will always find ways to argue apologetics of GOD's existence until the cows come home, but they can’t disqualify our testimony, our circumstances, or our life story. I will share my testimony as briefly as I can, without cutting too much out of the miracle.  I had a friend who got involved with this “Christian cult.”  Her parents came to me, because her behavior had changed so drastically. I was her best friend, so they thought I could be the most influential.  She got caught up in a Christian cult that encouraged separation from everyone. NOT GOOD! In my conversations with her, she kept throwing Bible verses at me. I knew NOTHING of the Bible, but had been “witnessed” to by some holy rollers now and again growing up. I even became dear friends once with a bona-fide, loving Christian who shared the love of Christ with me, not the wrath of GOD.  I couldn’t fight fire with nothing, so I had to get some fire of my own. I had NO idea what was coming next! 

I had an appointment to get a perm in my hair, yes, that dates me. My stylist was a former pot-smoking partier, who was now a  Born-again believer.  I was very excited all week about this appointment, and I had no idea why.  I planned on questioning him and picking his brain about this cult. It was well-known cult in the Boston area at the time. They since have disbanded.  I had no idea that my excitement was GOD getting my heart ready for some Holy Spirit fire that would fill my heart, light me up, and so completely change my life.  I asked him to show me where it said in the Bible that one has to be “born-again.”  It took him forever to find it. That’s pretty sad.  He finally did, in John 3:3. Jesus himself said, you must be born-again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  Well, that was it for me. There it was right there in red and white, spoken by Jesus himself, and I believed what I read. He talked about getting saved for my child’s sake, and that put a whole new twist on it. Later on that evening, I had decided that I was going to get saved for my daughter’s sake.  I had no idea, that I already had been, the moment I read those beautiful words in red and white and believed them to be truth.

That weekend, we were planning on going to our friend’s house to party and smoke pot, like we always did. We always spent the night because we were stupid. So, we packed up the porta-crib and off we went. GOD had a different plan.  He wanted me in church that weekend, so He saw to it that I was going to go. He overruled my free will.  I’ll explain in the in a later blog.

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