Friday, May 1, 2020

Life is GOD's Play 
and we are His actors.

First let me start off with, GOD is GOOD all the time, and life is hard. Second, GOD is good, life is hard, and sometimes, is just doesn't feel like GOD is good all the time.   As a mother of eight, I learned this very early in life, and this is what I teach my children. With all that I've have been through in my life in the fiery furnace of affliction, with all that I have studied about the GOD of the Bible, I see life looking at it below, from above.  I know that makes no sense, so let me try to explain with a metaphor.  I think in metaphor, it’s my primary language  I see life as a grand play, and GOD is the Master Playwright, the Producer, the Director, the Choreographer, and the Composer. GOD's Production is a love story, a tragedy, a musical and a comedy all in one long-enduring Script.  
We are His players, reading from a script pre-written by GOD. No, we are not puppets, but because GOD is all knowing, and because GOD knows the next thing out of our mouths or our thoughts a decades before we think them, He has allowed for that in what He has planned.  I call this Play, “Life, Creation to Redemption: A Love Story” GOD calls some of us to have starring roles in His Play, such as Jesus, King David, Abraham, Moses, Noah, Esther, Ruth, Nehemiah, Peter, Paul, and the like. In every era there are starring roles, not just from Biblical times, such as Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, and of course our contemporary, Billy Graham.
Then there are supporting cast, Katherine Martin, Ruth Graham, Abraham Lincoln, and all the world leaders. There are some larger supporting roles than others, but obviously, there are more supporting roles than starring roles. In the same respects, there are extra’s in every play, and there are more of those than supporting roles. Everyone on stage is a part of the Kingdom of GOD, or saved.  The group that is the largest is the audience. They are the non-believers, the skeptics. They are only viewers of the play, they are watching us players. Some will be convinced to leave the audience and join the play, but that is pre-written by GOD, also. Some will become extras, some will become supporting cast, and some will become the stars.
As the Playwright, Director, Producer and Choreographer, GOD writes into His Play when we enter the scene and when we exit it. All of it is pre-written. We die when we are written to die, and we cannot be taken out of GOD’s Script until that day. To some extent, we get to decide what part we want to play in GOD’s Play called Life. We can choose based on our faith in who GOD is and His ability to carry out His plan. Again, all our roles are based on the degree of our faith in GOD.  God has pre-written our roles, based on His Foreknowledge. Just as a casting director chooses his cast based on what he knows about a particular actor and their abilities, strengths, weaknesses and faith in his craft, God chooses us based on His foreknowledge of what we will accomplish by His Power and Provision.    Now, this is my favorite part, because the Playwright lives outside of time, the Play is already written and etched in stone. Nothing will change what He has written. Think about watching a movie multiple times. You know what’s coming, you know the ending, and nothing is going to change that movie script, no matter how many times you watch it, because it is already written, produced, played, and filmed.  It’s that way in the Heavens. We can’t change GOD’s play and there is no scene He hasn’t already seen.

GOD is in the Spiritual and His play was written in the Spiritual, while His Play is lived out in natural time. Natural time has to catch up with the spiritual which has no time, because it's eternal.  Let me explain:   It is a known fact that the closer one is to a gravitational pull, the slower time moves and the further away it is from gravity, the faster time moves. For example, in 1976 to measure this theory of Einstien’s, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory sent a rocket carrying a clock 6,000 miles away from the ground where gravity is weaker. When it had returned, the time was different in the rocket than time here on earth, by about one second for every 70 years.
So, if GOD is outside of the universe, because He created  it, then it stands to reason this play we are in, called Life, is already done and over with in the Spiritual. I find this extremely comforting, because what this means is that whatever it is that GOD has already called me to, I can’t fail, because it’s pre-written and in the Spiritual, already accomplished by His Power and design. I hope that you find as much comfort in your planned success as I have in this little truth and metaphor. GOD is the beginning and the end, and your role in His Play is written and accomplished, now walk in that faith and trust that the Playwright will get it done.

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