Saturday, May 2, 2020

To Be or Not to Be (a prophet)

 If there is a person out there who wishes to be a prophet, a bonafide actual prophet of GOD, I'm going to come right out and put is as mildly as I can put it.  You must be out of your cotton-pickin' mind!   I am a born and bred thoroughbred yankee, as in Boston yankee, NOT New York Yankee (God forbid).  We don't know how to sugar-coat anything.  Why we are like that I can only conjecture.  Twenty-four years here in the heart of the Bible Belt,  also,  and I've still not developed that genteel way of telling someone that they are out of their cotton-pickin' mind. The colloquialism here is, here is,  "Bless her hear,” but  nope, not me. Not direct enough.  
Why would anyone willingly choose to be the most hated person in the church?  The one kicked out of every church they've ever been in, because they are speaking GOD's Word straight from GOD's Word as GOD is directing them, and rubbing people the wrong way, all the time.  
If a self-proclaimed prophet is loved by the masses, and happy as a clam, might I suggest that person isn't the real dea.   I'm an Old Testament fanatic, and the prophetic books, all 17 of them, are my 2nd favorite things to read and study, my first favorite books to read are the history books.  I do so love reading about those poor souls, chosen by GOD to do a mighty work, but thrown in the fiery furnace of affliction for dozen or so years, so GOD could refine the dross out of them.  In all 39 of those books, in all the years I've studied, I have never met a happy prophet in the Bible,  and I dare say, anyone would be hard pressed to find one.   
In fact, there weren't too many happy ones in the New Testament, either.  Now, many of them had the joy of the LORD, but that is way different from being happy. The main reason why they weren't happy was because they were so sensitive to sin, mostly their own, but watching GOD's people fall into apostasy is a very depressing life to lead. Case in point, Jeremiah, who was called the weeping prophet.  Imagine GOD saying to you, "Hey, bud, I'm going send you out to a bunch of stone-hearted, stubborn, idolaters, who want nothing to do with me, will hate you, probably stone or kill you, and won't believe a word you say, BUT, you have to go out there, preach hell-fire and brimstone, and a few happy future prophesies, not meant for them but their future descendants, until I tell you that your job is done.  They won't believe you, they won't listen, and you won't win any of them over. "   
"Yeah, Okay, YWYH, I'm all in!  NOT!"
I am a firm believer in the gifts of the spirit.  Yes, I believe in  the Spiritual Gift of prophesy, and all the other miraculous ones, the REAL ones, not the fakes that most apostate showman tried to pull off to fleece the flock.  The gift of prophecy is not the same as the office of prophet.  It's the difference between knowing everything there is to know about all the history of the U.S. Presidencies,  and BEING one of them.   So, if GOD called to me and say, "Hey girlie..., " My answer would be: 
"I'll consider it, ONLY when pigs fly and there is blizzard in Hell, ON the same day."  There is way too much room for error in my life for me to be 100% right all the time, a definite requirement of the office holder according to Deuteronomy 13 & 18. 
That being said, I may not know all the Presidents, in order, by year, their Cabinet, policies or accomplishments, but I surely do know the prophets in the Old Testament.  I know their background, who they were sent to, how some of them died, and I have a feel for how some of them felt. For every one authentic prophet, there were hundreds of fake ones. The fake ones were loved by the people and the apostate kings of the divided kingdoms. The real ones were persecuted, beaten up, and some were stoned to death, and one was allegedly sawed in half while upside down on a wooden X.  You can research which ones were which. 
Poor Jeremiah hung from a cage in the town square for days on end.  I think he had the worst fate.  Besides being hated by everyone, he didn’t get the relief of an early death, no that poor man had to watch all of his devastating prophecies come to pass to the nation he loved.  The fake ones told the people what they wanted to hear, the real ones told the truth. (See Kings 22 for a good example)
Another reason it's NOT good to be a prophet is because, you would be a prime target for the enemies of  the minions of the devil, with a  life-size fluorescent target on your back.  The hateful  minions will attack you, the sly ones will trick you with false thoughts, and false visions.  If one doesn't know how GOD speaks, because one doesn't know the prophetic books inside, outside, upside-down, one is subjective to planted ploys and demonic activity.  Paul is clear about our battle. It's not with flesh and blood but principalities and authorities of this dark world. 
Hebrews is clear, there is NOTHING God wants to tell us that doesn't come straight out of the Word of GOD, either Old Testament or New.  Prophets in the Old Testament were sent to give direct messages to people, mostly a kingdom or nations.  But in these latter days, everything we need is in GOD's word.  We do not need anyone coming up to us with a message from GOD.  If someone comes up to you and says, "I have a message for you from GOD,”"  You're response should be., "No thank you, He can tell me Himself."       
Nine times out of ten, they are trying to fleece you, or shame you, or condemn you. A fake prophet will NOT allow anyone to correct them. The self-proclaiming ones put themselves so high up on their own pedestal, it's hard to believe they don't get nose bleeds, daily.  They claim to be humble, but true humility is in their willingness to learn from others.  Most of them do NOT know the Bible inside outside and upside down.  They quote mainly from the New Testament, and they will quote the old familiar passages, usually out of context.  They will tell you not to touch the LORD's anointed.  That is your red flag to run, and run as fast and as far way as you can.   
There's a favorite quote from Q, "Future proves past."   There is so much truth to that.  Even the disciples did not understand half of what Jesus said, or the prophecies he quoted, UNTIL the events came to pass.  Then the event fit into the puzzle of prophecy.  I am willing to bet, that there are events coming that NO one foresaw, not even in the prophecies of the Old Testament Prophets, or the New Testament ones, but after they happen, it will be like slapping ourselves upside the head and wondering how we didn't see that coming!   Another sure fire way to tell a real prophet from a false one is the profit's bottom line!  If that has to be explained, you have more problems than just not being able to discern prophets from profits. 

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