Thursday, July 9, 2020

STOP Trying to Be Like Jesus. Go for the Next Best Thing!

I know what you are going to say. There will be those who shoot for perfection who tell us that we are COMMANDED to be like Christ, (which we are not) Or some will say, "That's right, we should be like Paul."    Ehhhhh!  Both are wrong.      You have to know how I think to know who I'm going for here, and if anyone has read any of my blogs, they'll know I'm shooting for David! Let me explain.

Do you think that Jesus knows that we cannot be like him or think like him? (Isaiah 55:8-9) Jesus did NOT have a sinful nature. He was fully human but without a sinful nature. Well, maybe he had just a tiny bit inside just so that he knew the battle. Theologically speaking, many say that GOD put Jesus in Mary's womb because the sinful nature comes from the father. I tend to believe that. Who was called on the carpet first, and who took the first bite? When did Adam and Eve realize they were naked, after her bite or his? Case closed. Now Jesus had to be the seed of a woman, like Genesis 3 tells us, therefore he had to be from an egg in her ovaries. Now, Mary had an earthly father, thus, she had a sinful nature. So, if we are going to get technical here, like DNA and stuff, yes, Jesus could have inherited just a tiny bit of a sinful nature, yet he NEVER acted upon it. This is very controversial, because many say he was perfect and without sin because he was created pure, but Grampie Heli’'s seed was in that ovary, so, he was FULLY human. The point is that Jesus NEVER sinned. It wasn't because he couldn't, as in not physically able, it was because he couldn't in order to fulfill the purpose for which he was sent.

In my personal opinion, and I’m NOT quoting any Bible Scripture, this is just my opinion, although I love Paul as a brother in Christ, if I was going to church with him, we would NOT be friends. You can love your sibling in Christ and not be buddies that hang out.  I surely would NOT hang out with Paul.  I appreciate the fact that GOD chose him and trained him, and used him to write 1/3 of the New Testament, but I think we Christians have taken Paul way out of context and follow him as if he was as perfect as Christ.  Every word he says, we hang on to it as if it were LAW, to be strictly followed, NO exceptions, lest we become heretics.  If you want to be like that, feel free, but don’t expect us to be friends either.  People who attain to be like Jesus or Paul are looking for perfection in themselves and demanding it from themselves and others, thus when they “achieve” as much as Jesus or Paul in them to their own standards, that ugly little pride virus attacks their heart, and it’s damaged sometimes for good.

Paul’s words are for sure Divinely Inspired, but they are NOT Leviticus, and many if not most New Testament Christians treat his epistles as if it was the New Testament’s version of Leviticus. (The book of Mosaic Law in the Pentateuch)  Those people drive me nuts, and do you want to know why they drive me nuts?  I will tell you.  It’s because I am a freaking mess.  I am a total failure, a dweeb, a woman subject to my hormones, menopause, which is PMS on steroids.  I’m alone, a reject, been one all my life, therefore, I am subject to the devil screaming in my head that I’m a loser and always will be.  The devil screams but Jesus whispers using the Holy Spirit, that’s why it’s so hard to hear him sometimes.  You know we, like our children, have selective hearing as much as they do with our Heavenly Father as they do with us. We choose what to hear from Jesus, most of the time, it has to be to our liking, or we ad-lib a little and throw our opinion in there.  People have said they find comfort in Paul’s epistles.  Well I don’t, I never have.

People say that Paul suffered greatly, and he knows how weak we are, he knows the trials and temptations of a sinful nature.  (Does this sound like anything you’ve heard before only substitute the name JESUS instead)  Do you see what I mean?  Yeah, Paul suffered, he was brilliant, he had a sinful nature, he despaired at times, (although he barely mentions it), and he triumphed through GOD grace which was sufficient for his weaknesses.  But let me tell you what Paul did NOT have.  He did not  have a XX chromosome.  He has NO clue what it’s like to be a woman, a wife, or a mother.  Jesus does though, because he’s GOD.  I think enough has been said here about Paul, with respect, of course. 

So, who is the next best thing if it’s not Paul?  Duh, it’s David.  The Bible is full of screw-ups that GOD used to prove His grace and power to work through humans who were a freaking mess.  Jacob is my favorite mess, because it took 100 years for him to get it right.  If I was going to live that long, it would take me longer.  David, on the other hand was a bit more of a mess than Jacob.  Buckle your seat belt, because I’m going into the deep dive of David’s sewerage. 

David, besides being an adulterer, and a really bad commander-in-chief, setting up an honorable guy in the front lines in order to hide the fact that he was a man, and well,  I won't go there, but let your imagination picture what I'm thinking, was an adulterer and murderer LONG before Bathsheba, because before he got to Ziglag, on his prodigal road, he already had three wives. He collected more after taking the throne, and even had concubines.  Ask Absalom.  That makes him the adulterer.  Stealing another man’s wife, they makes him a creep. As far as fatherhood, well, shoot, you can’t get worse than David, ask Tamar and Absalom, again.  Well, maybe King Manasseh, but David was a horrendous father.  David fell into despair so many times, we can’t count them all, but the Book of Psalms exhibits quite a few of them.  Thank GOD he wrote those times down, or we’d never make it.  David had a prodigal road, yep, he left GOD.  I know, you don’t believe me. Well check out 1 Samuel 27, the very first verse and tell me what you see.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

David was promised the throne by GOD and anointed by Samuel one of the great ones, and yet, he believed that Saul would kill him so he hid behind enemy lines.  He became a traitor. He was a traitor for 16 months.  He lived with the Philistines, he answered to a Philistine general and he conquered land and goods for the Philistine king.  In our constitution, that constitutes TREASON, and is punishable by death.  But, if you want to know the very very very WORST thing about David, read that entire chapter 27.  Read it very carefully.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

What did David do that was despicable?  He murdered for profit and he made sure that NO ONE was alive who could fink on him to the general or the king, thus he kept quite a bit of the take for himself.  So, to put it mildly, David was a MASS murderer, killing innocent babies, women, children, and men who were minding their own business, just trying to make a living and take care of their families.  Albeit they were pagans, however, and HERE is the clincher, GOD never instructed David to take over those villages, he was acting up on his own desire to whip up quite the fortune for himself, and to prove himself a great warrior for his PHILISTINE general, and he became quite prideful.  He was so prideful, that he was even to willing to go to war with the Philistines against his own people.  GOD’s people.  Think on that right now.  Considering what’s happening now, and who are the treasonous traitors running their shadow government, who have done their best to overthrow a duly elected and loved by tens of millions, President, the best one we've ever had, where does David measure up?  How do you like those people?  Say, like the Clinton's who are reputed as expert suicider’s.

  There is a LONG list of Clinton dead floating around, and thank GOD we don’t know the half of it.  SO, now what do you think of David?  Not the stellar guy, huh?  So, if he was like that, why should we attain to be like him?  That’s simple, what did GOD call him, “ a man after My own heart,” and in the book of Acts 7:46 it says that David enjoyed favor with GOD.  That’s the ticket for me. 

Every time I feel like crap about myself, and that is VERY often, I take a visit down David’s memory lane, and I shoot for being a woman after GOD’s own heart, knowing fully just how far down in the bottom of the barrel David had to climb back up.  GOD doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, but he did give David a piece of his own medicine when He allowed Ziglag to be burned and ALL of the women and children to be taken hostage.  That’s in chapter 29 of 1st Samuel.  Check it out.  That was when David “came to his sense,” like the prodigal son in Luke 15. 

So, now after this great revelation, I feel so much at peace, because I’ve stopped making Paul and Jesus my example of how I should perform, and I’ve made David my example of how I should seek after GOD’s heart with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength, because I want to love Him that much. There was one other thing that David had that I have, crazy faith that believes that if I can hold out long enough, I can take down that 1,000 foot giant, because Allen means stone. I've lost a lot of friends over that crazy faith, and I've given up on it more times than I can count. Every once in a while GOD will do something that will fill my faith bank back up to full and over-flowing. 

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