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When Backed up Against the Wall, Do What GOD's Heroes Did. 

Divorce papers un-opened before the Cross of Christ 

      Three years ago, I wrote a blog post on my former blog, "The Woman at the Well,"  entitled, "Top Ten Reasons There Will Be No Divorce."   I recycled it for this blog and you can find it if you scroll down on the right side of this page.  I supposed an update is needed, seeing how there has been some new devastating developments.  

     As I've said in all my blogs, I live in the Bible, because with my life situation, the way it is, it's the only place to find hope.  I've been doing this now for these past eight-twelve years in the fiery furnace of affliction.   

       Four days ago, while serving at the local food pantry, I got served.  I didn't get served food, though, I got served divorce papers.  After six years of waiting this thing out, hoping that my husband would turn back to GOD, he instead, underhandedly went behind my back and retained a human divorce lawyer. He then locked up all the money and told me that I didn't need a lawyer.  I beg to differ.  I need a lawyer, only I'm not going to pay for one, he is.  Sadly, though, probably not with money, but with something far more devastating.  I retained a Lawyer long before when this all began, and He has been advising me through this mess.  My Lawyer, as I stated, works pro-bono, and the Judge in the case, always serves Justice where justice is due.  
     My husband is fighting me over money.  That's all this comes down to. He doesn't want me to have any part of his "windfall."   My husband who used to be a dedicated man of GOD, raising our eight children with me for almost 30 years, has laid claim to a new god.  His god is money and a woman.  Not me, mind you, but another woman.  It's a travesty, but more than that, it's a tragedy in the making.  He knows that GOD has called me to special task, and he knows better than to go after a servant who is working for the Kingdom of Heaven full-time.  He has seen the mighty Hand of GOD pull off some pretty amazing feats on my behalf. This is why he is being so foolish, and I do not understand this risk he is willing to take. 

      When we are persecuted, really, it is not us who are being persecuted, but Jesus.  In Acts 9, when Saul was stopped cold dead in his tracks on the Damascus Road on his way to arrest, persecute and put to death those Jews following the Way, Jesus took that moment to let him know just Who he was persecuting. While Saul thought he was taking ordinary men to court, he was really taking Jesus to court.  Jesus was having none of that, because Saul had a destiny, one he never suspected.  (You will have to open Acts 9 and see what Jesus said to Saul.)  His destiny would change the course of the entire world, and he would go from being the church's chief opponent, to the church's chief proponent, and write 1/3 of the New Testament for all of us to benefit for these last two thousand years.  

      Well, I don't have that kind of destiny, but there is a work GOD has for me to do, so by my husband taking me to divorce court, what he is really doing is divorcing Jesus.  I've tried to warn him that it was not me that he was stealing from and up against, it was GOD that he was going up against.  Let me tell you, many people have tried to go up against GOD and GOD's people, and to this date, NONE have won.  When I got those divorce papers in front of all my volunteer friends at the food pantry, I did what good King Hezekiah did.  First, I didn't even open them, because I knew if I did that I would get very very angry, so I took those folded up papers straight up to the sanctuary, and laid them flat on the altar right under the Cross of Jesus.  Then, I laid prostrate on the ground and cried, and literally CRIED out to my GOD for help.  (After I did that, I put them on his car, secured by the windshield wiper, prayed it wouldn't rain, and put a verse on the back side of those un-opened papers to let my husband know just Who was fighting my battle.)

    Whenever things get really bad, when my back's up against a wall, the only thing I can do is find someone in the Bible, study what they did, and do the same. The good King Jehoshaphat did the same thing.  I'm going to do something I do not normally do, and I'm going to give you a link to the two places these good kings took their fear and panic, and how GOD answered their pleas.  Below are the links.  

2 Kings 19:14-37         &        2 Chronicles 20:1-30    (Please read these and find strength through what GOD's people do in dire circumstances)

      As I stated in my last blog, I could have struck first and filed for divorce, because my husband has been in a relationship now with another woman for going on three years now,  and it has progressed to him sleeping at her house many nights a week.  So, not only is he committing adultery, going up against GOD in a divorce court, but he is dragging this woman down into the pit with him.  Now, I know she is not innocent, but she is surely a victim here, just as much as I am.  Let's face it, we women are the weaker vessels, and some of us feel more secure with a man by our side. There is NOTHING wrong with that, and do NOT let any feminist tell you otherwise, my sisters. We were created by GOD to be nurturers, and men were created by GOD to have that natural protective nature.   I've spent the last six years crying my heart out in my bedroom every  night over the break up of my family.  He's been spending the last few in her company in her bed.  This does NOT go over well with GOD.  

     And as I stated in my earlier blog, although David had every right to defend himself from a mad king hell-bent on killing him, David did not strike on those two opportunities that GOD delivered King Saul into his hands.  I've had plenty of opportunity to do some serious damage to that man, and at times, I will admit, I was tempted, I even threatened him.  When I realized the error of that, I told him that I would not do to him what he feared the most, and I would not sign divorce papers or fight him in a human court room.  Armed with that "security,"  I guess he felt he could strike first and deliver a deadly blow, however, it's not me who is dying here. 

    I will admit, I panicked when this happened, even after I prayed and read the Bible.  I wept bitter tears, loud bitter tears for two days, so much so that my head was about to explode, and my eyes were nearly swollen shut.  I had an army of social media friends praying, and what a difference that made in a couple of days.  Like David in 1 Samuel 29, with their help, I was able to find strength in the LORD, and turn it all over to Him, again.  I know that GOD will never leave us, even if at times if feels like He has.  Eventually, GOD does come through for His servants, sometimes we have to wait it out in the fiery furnace of affliction, but GOD is never late. He is always on time, even if it's not what we consider on time.  He sees the train wreck ahead, and he changes the directions of the tracks so that the speeding, out-of-control train will not alter the course GOD had planned for us before the creation of the world.  
      I have begged my husband to turn back to GOD to no avail.  I  have begged and pleaded with him to withdraw these divorce papers, again, to no avail.  He has no idea, nor does he care what this is doing to our family.  When a man attacks his Godly wife in front of their children, he isn't just killing the one-flesh, but he's destroying his children in the process.  The father's role in the family is so very vital and crucial, and when the head of the household goes bad, like a any creature  with it's head cut off, the whole body dies.  GOD takes very serious a man who is willing to destroy his children and his wife, and GOD will not allow it.  I know that too many women have been victim to their husbands throwing them away like yesterday's newspapers, and have been dragged into divorce court, against their wills.  They have been forced to fight back with their own human lawyer, causing financial devastation to the children and the home.  Well, I'm here to say that divorce is the cancer killing the church, and I am its chemotherapy.  I will NOT get a human lawyer. I will NOT be dragged into divorce court.  


    If it gets that far, that man will stand at a table, with his lawyer, facing a judge, and the defendant's table will be empty.  He will have to explain to the human judge why his wife did not show up for court.  Now, some say that I could be charged with contempt of court for not showing up.  Be that as it may, I will say what Queen Esther said, "If I perish, I perish,"  because I will NOT show up. They will have to drag me out of my house in handcuffs in front of my children, and haul me off to jail.  I have broken no laws here. I am an innocent wife, abandoned by her husband, (when I had cancer, by the way), and left alone to raise these children all by myself, while he takes them a couple of times a month for a couple of hours.  I am the full time parent, 24/7, at home taking care of their every need.  Yes, he's forking over their financial needs, but children need way more from a father than money.  GOD knows that, I know that, but sadly, my husband either doesn't know it, or doesn't care.  

          This can only end badly for him. There is no good outcome here unless he repents, and this is something I am sure that he will not do.  There is only one alternative ending for my husband, and he has been warned for several years now. "DO not go up against GOD, because it will not end in your favor." What is even more tragic than all of this is that since he filed and got caught sleeping over his girlfriend's house, he has not contacted or even tried to see his children.  I'm not sure if he is trying to set me up for some kind of legal battle, or if he is just too ashamed.  I have not forbid it, however, I have not hid the truth from our children. 

     You see, sometimes children have to see the bad outcome of a grown up full-on-scale rebellion from GOD, if only to keep them from doing the same when they are older and the opportunity to rebel arises. I liken it to the riots and anarchists out there causing so much damage.  We wonder why President Trump is allowing it, and not calling in a full scale military Martial Law to curb this violence. He is letting the American people see just what anarchy and a socialistic demonic-controlled government can and will do to this county if we do not stop it on November 3.  

      I am hoping that this will be a life's lesson for all of us, my children as well, as they watch their father's disintegration into a shell of the man he used to be, or worse, end up grave-side, and I mean not standing, but lying in one. If a man is doing more damage to the Kingdom of Heaven, or to the Work of Jesus, then, it is GOD's option to take that man out.  Job 12:10 says that the very life and breath of every creature on this planet is in the Hand and control of GOD.  It only takes one second for the last breath to occur, and then there is no turning back.  GOD's judgment is final.  My husband had a stroke already, and then he had cancer.  If you ask me, that's two strikes. Being the baseball fan that he is, he knows that the third strike means the player is OUT.  It's such a tragic and sad ending, but one that may keep others, and maybe my other rebellious estranged son to turn back to GOD and rejoin the family. Hopefully, for the rest of their lives, they will remain on the straight and narrow trusting Jesus to be their Lawyer and GOD their Judge when or if the going gets bad for them.  Who knows, maybe there is a wife who has been thrown away by a rebellious cheating husband and she doesn't know that there is free Legal Counsel from Above, and that any man who goes up against his wife who is Represented by the Lawyer who not only wrote the Law, but died for our sake, defeating its death hold on us, that rogue husband will find himself on the wrong side of wrong and the Law will come after him. 

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  1. John 16:33 (KJV)
    These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.


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