Sunday, August 16, 2020

Prepare to be offended.

If you have ever read any of my blogs, you know that I am a straight shooter who doesn't hold back, even if that means offending some with the truth.  Well, darlin,' I got a good one for you today!  So, hold on to your hats, because here it comes! My view on abortion is definitely not what the typical church person says about it.  In fact, I have quite the different take on it, I will go into that in a later blog post.  In order to explain my view on abortion, I have to give credit where credit is due, the beginning of abortion. So, hang on to your hat, because here it comes! 
Birth control is the mother of abortion. Phew! Woe~ I got that out.  For all you Christian families that use birth control, take a deep breath and absorb that for a minute, after you cool down.   Now,  let me explain where I got this. I cannot quote the actual  source from which book and author I read this, however, I found it profoundly true. Back in my child-bearing age, I read a lot of books about full quivers.  There is this movement, although, I'm not thinking it's all that big now, or ever was, but it's called the Quiverful Movement.  It is Christians who believe that GOD is the true Author of life and should be give a free hand in the size of one's family.  Whenever GOD speaks of blessings and honor in the Old Testament about any particular person, it always included the bountiful family size.  A man and a woman were considered honored of GOD by the amount of children GOD gave them.  A woman, on the other hand was considered cursed of GOD for a barren womb.  Now, we prefer a barren womb.  
Children have become something that we put on our trophy  shelves to brag on, or live vicariously through them.  When the size of our families became something we controlled in comparison to our bank statements, sadly, it seems the bank statements won out.  The Word of GOD calls children a blessing, a gift from GOD.  Back in the day, a family with a quiver full was what parents pursued and hoped for, but, these days, our contemporary society sees children as a burden if over the 2.5 average. 
I know that each time that pregnancy test popped up positive, I was elated, but my husband never was. I should have seen that as a sign, but he "went along" with the idea that children were a gift from GOD.  He "went along" with a lot of things said in church, but when the rubber hit the road, the road split.
These days, we apply for debt, larger and larger, and avoid what GOD calls a gift from Him.  Even though, I still fully agree with my bold statement, far be it from me to advise ANY mother to use or not use birth control. That is not why I am writing this, and taking a huge risk.  That is GOD's decision, and He gets what He wants with whom and ALL the time.  But go with me for a moment.  
It wasn't all that long ago that birth control was illegal, and I'm not just referring in the Roman Catholic Church.  By the way, the next person that I tell that I have EIGHT children says or asks, "You must be Catholic, or Are you Catholic?" I cannot promise to be so genteel with my answer.  I have to tell you, I am sick of that question and association.  The Roman Catholic Church does not corner the market on popping out babies.  I grew up in New England where the RCC rules the roost, and I mean EVERYTHING, so back in the 60's and 70's large broods was a very common thing.  That's not the case anymore. 
My mom  was a good Catholic, coming from a long line of them, and had six children. This was for a different reason, which I will write about some day.  Her grandparents popped out quite a few, also.  In my small town,  population, 30K or less, with TWO Roman Catholic churches, there were a great many families with five or more.  The neighbors across the street had nine, catercorner one way had six, and catercorner the other way has five.  On that small dead end street with only six houses, we filled up an entire school bus practically.  There wasn't a time of day when there weren't a dozen or so children out in the street playing.  It was a dead end road twenty-five feet, and one house away from the town-line, so no one came out there, unless they lived there.  It was a wonderful existence because children were valued.  I'm so thankful that at my ripe old age of mid-fifties and then some, I still have both my parents, although very much divorced and very much still hating each other. (I have since writing this post a couple of years ago, have lost my mother.)  I do still have  all my siblings, although, none of them like me very much, as I am the only "holy-roller" in the bunch! 
Yesterday, I heard a state rep say, "If we don't kill them now, we'll kill them later,"  when debating abortion in his state legislation.  He went on and on about how there are many children who just aren't wanted.  This is demonic, people.  Only a demon living inside someone would say such a horrendous thing.  I then went to the gym and listened to my book on my kindle which spoke of how sacrificing children in a fire to a mythical god was considered completely normal. 
I'm sure that my above statement has riled up a lot of people.  Again, I'm NOT advising women to throw their birth control apparatus out the window. What I'm saying is that abortion got its start from when birth-control became every day normal and accepted, to prevent unwanted children.  You see, children are just as much unwanted in Christian homes as in non-married, non-Christian homes, and you cannot deny it.  Two or three at the most, but GOD-forbid we sacrifice our lush lifestyles, our big bank accounts and our house WAY too big for us for more children in the home!  If I'm wrong, prove me wrong.  Christians apply for debt, but turn down what GOD says are gifts, rewards, our heritage.  We'd rather leave the few the bigger bank account, or the estate, and with less children to fight over the estate.  Then, they will be set for life, to emulate us to NOT to obey GOD when He said, "Be fruitful and multiply," and he wasn't talking dollars and cents.  So, will our children be better off NOT appreciating life but appreciating that big bank account we left them?  I think not, and I do believe that GOD would say affirmatively NO! 

 I won't be leaving a huge bank roll to my children, just a legacy of loving Jesus and loving them, and giving them as many siblings as my body could pop out, at the risk of losing my life, btw, with SEVEN cesarean sections. Here's hoping one of my eight will want a quiverful!

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