Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 Now, that got your attention, huh?  We  “conspiracy theorists” are so outside of the box of what is accepted by the general public, that we are seen as “trouble-makers who won’t go along with the status quo, or the narrative.  We are non-conformists, and there is nothing a Marxist government hates more than a non-conformer.  We don’t settle for “Just shut up and believe,” but we preach even louder. We become bolder, more heroic.  We have brains, some have really amazing brains to figure things out that are WAY over my sufficient-for-the task-brain.  This is very disturbing for the status quo media moguls, the ,globalists, elites, deep state, shadow government, evil Marxist, leftist, and anarchists. People with brains can spot a wolf in the sheep’s pen, no matter how sophisticated is the cover-up, and no matter how many wolves have snuck into the pen.   If you haven’t been living in a cave these past few months, you’ve probably heard of QAnon. 
So, for those of you who have been sheltering-in-place in your cave, I will tell you what QAnon is NOT. QAnon is not evil, self-seeking, violent organization, nor is it a cult.  In fact, if we Anons were accused of being in a cult, it would be the first of its kind, because Q teaches us to dig deeper, to investigate, to seek out new information, to research things out on our own until our eyes bleed.  That doesn’t sound like a mind-numbing cult to me. That sounds like the brain-child of Jesus.  Only Jesus could come up with something  so brilliant, so mind-stimulating, so far on the right that it could be called Biblical. 
Okay, for you church people who just got up on your feet, ready to condemn me, chill out and sit down, because I have some explaining to do.  You see, as some of you know, I have lived in the fiery furnace of affliction for the past decade.  I have had my heart stomped on so badly by those I love, like my  best friend of 20 year, two of them in fact, my  daughter, son, mother, husband, and another who shall remain nameless. (for now)  My heart is so torn, so damaged, barely beating, and the only way it has been kept on life-support is by having lived in the Bible, day and night, night and day, inside, outside and upside down.  I didn’t do it to accumulate a wealth of righteous knowledge or even become righteous, because that’s impossible.  I did it to stay alive.  When all this “writing” thing started for me eight years ago, I thought I was delusional, that GOD would not call me to be some kind of writer.  Yet, here I am, seven books later (eight if you count this blog) and still going, inspired by the Holy Spirit, not on the level of Scripture, but definitely through Scripture.  The Bible was my ventilator in a pandemic of abandonment.
So, having lived in the Bible, in particular the Old Testament stories, I learned everything I could about how GOD dealt with His people. I studied each major character and event.  I especially studied their mistakes.  History is played over and over, like a broken record, only the persons change.  I saw one very peculiar thing. GOD always repeats Himself, but in a bigly way the next time around. Early in my writing career, actually, I think it was summer of 2017, a particular verse jumped up off the page, and I totally did NOT understand why. It stuck there all this time, and I didn’t know why until conspiracy theorist became the next buzz word, trending in a negative way, because the devil is scared to death of us.   A few days ago, I was gently reminded, “Remember that day I showed you that verse ISAIAH 8?  Now do you get it?”   OH MY GOSH I surely did.   I LOVE how GOD works. It was what Q would call a three-year delta.  GOD will give us a dream or a verse or cause Divine Coincidences that mathematically and statistically could not be explained.  Sometimes, we don’t know for months or even years what that “clue” was or why. Then, just as Q taught me, “FUTURE PROVES THE PAST.”  

The saddest thing about the church is it’s waiting for the newspapers to match Bible prophecy, when really, it’s Bible prophecy eventually matches the trends, times and new.  We don’t see it, until AFTER it happens, then we say to GOD, “Oh, that’s what you meant by clearing Broadway in Nashville, closing ALL the bars for weeks.  Now, I get it.” Then, I couldn’t fathom it, or how He would do it, but it was clearly there in Isaiah.  I just assumed I read the wrong thing into it.
Before, Jesus,  GOD spoke through the prophets. The spirit would fall upon a prophet and he would give a message to GOD’s people who always ignored the prophet, wrote him off as a “conspiracy tin-foil-hat-wearing theorist.”   That prophet never fit in the narrative, he never fit in the Israeli box, because his prophecies were so far out there, and so “untimely.”  He was never popular, never liked, mostly all alone, and I dare say, never happy.  GOD hasn’t changed He is speaking through those very same prophets, a new message that the church has missed, because GOD hid it from them.
I’m going out on a limb here and going to assume that 90% of the people who call themselves Christians cannot  name all the major, minor, and unnamed prophets of the Old Testament, or  they couldn’t begin to tell the chronological order, to whom the prophet spoke, what were the circumstances, and what in the heck the prophecy meant, because GOD speaks in code.  Sometimes, the prophet didn’t even know what GOD meant when he had the prophet post a thread, or some crumbs!
When Jesus came here, he continued the work and practice of hiding life outside the box, the “conspiracies” as the Pharisees would have called them.  He spoke in parables. He told his disciples that the keys to the mysteries of the Kingdom of GOD was being given to them, but not to all.  They were mysteries then, and GOD hasn’t changed, He still operates in mysterious ways. Why is that?  Thousands of people who heard Jesus speak, listened to him, were affected by him in some way, were healed by him, or benefited by him in some shape or form. Yet,  after three and one half years, he only had about 120 dedicated followers, and only three at the foot of the cross at his most needy hour.   Now, if that was a contemporary church in the 21st Century, it would have been considered a failed church plant, maybe even have closed its doors, because the church does things and expects huge results, bigly, because GOD is involved in the work, or is He? 
Actually, He really doesn’t need to be, because we’ve become so good at church planting, doing ALL the sowing and watering, weeding out those we don’t think fit the mold, ostracizing the tin-foil-hat wearers who want to know more, who want to know the inner workings and politics of the mega-church. We know how to plow the ground to get the field ready, and we’ve learned the best man-made-marketing tools to draw in the masses, spreading that seed pretty thin.  In no time, all our hard work has paid off, and we have  a harvest of thousands of converts who we refer to as sheeple,  worshiping all together. Our experiences, what we learned and farmer’s school (seminary) teaches us how to run and  build a corporation, disguised as a church or evangelicals. The church doesn’t need GOD, they have this covered. There are hundreds of theologians out there who have shared what worked for them and what didn’t, so we go on their theories, their man-made techniques.   If there’s a problem, or a national tragedy, well, then we are going to call on GOD and insist that He step in and fix what we cannot ourselves fix or heal, but other than that, we don’t need in our daily “burnt sacrifices,” at the Holy of holies. 
You know where I’m going with this, don’t you? 
 I bet you think I'm applying this church scenario to our personal lives, right? Well, NEWS FLASH, I wasn’t going there, because my readers should know by now, I never go where people expect I'm going, because if I did I wouldn't be that non-conformist, way-out-of-the-box-kind of writer, now would I? I like to give my readers credit for having a brain and being able to put that together themselves with a little thought process.  So, this is for you, the one outside the church box, the intelligent readers, the ones who dare to step out of the boat and walk on water.  Because, like I said, GOD always repeats Himself.  The difference here is it isn’t brick and mortar, it’s the Internet and the WWW.
I have to give you a brief, (yeah right), history lesson to tie QAnon in with what GOD is doing today, and how it fits in Old Testament prophecy and typology.  We are going to take a quick trip through 1 & 2 Kings in the briefest drive-by that I can give you.  Back in those days, the Jews were regular pains-in-the-butt when it came to loyalty to GOD only, doing worship, living out and offering the burnt sacrifices HIS prescribed way, only.  Those Israelites, between the period of 930 BCE and 539 BCE, thought adding a little man-made-additives to their worship, slipping it in, blending more in with the world wouldn’t hurt. GOD wouldn’t mind if we brought a few “friendly gods” into the Temple. What harm could they do, they were only statues of wood and stone. No biggie. 
To GOD, that was a biggie, and biggie NO!  He kept warning and pleading with them to return to the purity of complete dependence upon Him for everything, He did it through these dozens of prophets, not just the ones with book named after them, “DO it the way I told you, or I’m going to split you up and put you both in separate time-outs!”  That was the first warning to the last king of the united nation.  What do you think they did?  Just like regular children, when GOD counted, 1, 2, 3, (Saul, David, Solomon),  nothing. No running back to Him to learn the proper way, so a He split them up indeed, because GOD never fails to follow through on a promise.  A civil war ensued, much like the one we are in right now.  No guns, no canons, no military uniforms, no general, no military industrial complex, just a lot of infighting, uprising and anger back and forth between the twelve tribes, until finally, ten of the tribes decided to secede from the union.  
The ten tribes went north and occupied the area near Samaria, while the two remaining stuck it out in Jerusalem  where Solomon’s Temple was.  It was a grand Temple in all its splendor. It was GOD’s house, or so they thought.  It was kinda like the White House, only the high priests were sometimes terribly corrupt, and they led the people astray, because the kings who lived in the palace down the street,  were also terribly corrupt, and like the saying goes, “Where America goes, goes the world.”   Oh, I mean where king goes, goes the whole Jewish  nation.  There were some good kings in the southern kingdom called Judah, but there was nothing but corrupt politicians running the hall of congress in the Northern Kingdom which retain the name the Kingdom of America, oh, I mean Israel. 
(Time out, coffee break needed. Get your coffee and come back for PART 2

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