Friday, October 2, 2020

David was a mass murderer,
GOD killed babies in-utero
and it’s time to throw away
 your crosses!
(Part 2)

       So, now that I’ve thoroughly debunked David as an innocent victim the entire time he ran for his life from King Saul, and showed just how human and corrupt a hero could go. (Part 1 My next act of  shocking you would be addressing this problem of wooden crosses scattered all over the planet.  I’m about to ruin going to church for many of you.  I’m not doing this for fun, I’m not enjoying giving this bad news, but once I learn something in Scripture from GOD, it is imperative that I share it, lest I be held accountable for someone continuing in a tradition  that is an abomination to the Almighty.  Some people who read this won’t care, because you’ll say that I’m being ridiculous, and that’s fine. Y0u don’t’ answer to me, but you answer to Jesus, Himself.  Try defending your “worship” of the carved wooden image  there at the Judgment Seat, in direct violation of the 2nd Commandment.  For those others who are sensitive to GOD’s Holy Spirit and leading, not wanting to commit any kind of offense to The Most High,  I guarantee, you won’t be comfortable sitting in those pews, week after week, staring up at that giant carved image.  Again, far be it from me to enjoy being the bearer of bad news.

I’m calling it a carved image, because that is what it is. It is wood carved out of a tree, which grows from the earth.  I mean no disrespect to the Cross where Jesus defeated sin and death, of which we are eternally grateful. That Cross has the blood that saved billions of weary, broken, sinful men women and children.  However, that one hanging up in front, over the baptismal, or the one on the top of the steeple, or the one with Jesus still on it, (the Crucifix), or the one hanging around your neck right now, is the exact kind of carved image GOD meant in that second commandment to not create any carved image.   As usual, when I heard this from a Messianic Rabbi that I’ve been listening to, as of late, of course, I want straight to the Scripture.  I got right to  the Hebrew,  and I investigated his claim, and by golly, I got the SHOCK of my life. I’m still not recovered from this.

     As you can see in this verse, (of anything) is parenthesis, because the Hebrew word for image in this verse could lean more toward man or animal, as in gold calf?  However, by inserting the word    כֹּל  (kol) in there, that now covers the WHOLE gamut of images or likeness of ANY thing on earth below or heaven above.  For you protestants who thought that the Catholic statutes were an abomination, you might want to rethink that about your giant empty cross that you bow down to when you make your way up to the altar on Sunday morning, for an altar call and meeting time with Jesus.  Crucifying someone on the cross was considered the most shameful way of executing the most vile of criminals.  Jesus, our Savior, subjected himself to dying the same manner of murderers, thieves, and societies most iniquitous degenerates who would be sentenced to die a horrific death. 
I wonder how many of you would wear a noose around your necks, because many of our black brothers and sisters died for the civil rights the black population were denied for so many decades.  They gave up their lives for the future of their children and children’s children.  Would you hang a giant wooden noose up over your baptismal in your mostly black congregations?  I dare say, no you would not.  Well, GOD sees the cross as if it is a noose to us.  You don’t believe me, open your Bibles and count how many times GOD condemns His people for crafting idols of the surrounding pagans and incorporating them into the Temple, when GOD  specifically commanded through Moses, NO CARVED IMAGES of any kind.

     GOD wanted His people to stand out and be different from the surrounding pagan nations. He did not want His people to resemble in any way the detestable ways of pagan polytheism of the pagan nations around them.  I spoke to my daughter about this, and she said, and I quote, “I always thought of it as a guillotine type symbol, anyway.”)  No more accurate way to describe it.  I know that this is too much for some of you to absorb, because we love the cross, and in theory, the cross symbolizes our freedom from being bond servants to sin, and it is our justification, our ticket to eternity in Paradise with our beloved Savior.  The carved image of the cross has for so long been a part of Christianity, over a thousand years, and we have been conditions to (love) “worship” the carved image.    It’s going to require a whole new way of thinking to see that wooden cross, or that metal cross on your neck, or earrings the way GOD sees it.  Remember, GOD doesn’t think anything like man, and man can’t think anything like GOD.  Therefore, what GOD hates, man usually loves. 
If you need another metaphor, I have one in my vast imagination as the metaphor mama.  Imagine your son, your first born, beloved goes out to buy the newest sleekest and fasted  motorcycle in the market.  He did it against your will and advice, but he’s an adult and you can’t stop him, as much as you wish you could.   A couple of months later, he crashes that bike and is killed from the accident.  It turns out there was a gross defect in the design, because the company hired inadequate people to design that sleek new motorcycle, and used far inferior parts to save money and increase their profit margin.  Now, because your son died, the bikes were recalled, saving thousands of more lives.  Let me ask you, would you wear a motorcycle necklace around your neck, or hang a carved wooden motorcycle on your wall as a reminder of  your son’s sacrifice to save many lives?  I am going to assume your answer would be emphatically NO!  In fact, you would grow to hate the newly designed bike, and eventually ALL motorcycles because it meant the loss of your son.  
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should hate the cross, we are grateful for what Jesus did on it, but the graven carved image is an abomination to GOD.  I know it is hard to believe, because it’s all we’ve known.  We are no different than the Israelites who bowed down to pagan idols, incorporated pagan rituals and even temple prostitutes into the Temple services.  Really, you need to open your Bibles and see just how far they strayed, it’s pretty bad. Yet, they didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, because it had been that way for generations.  I’m including a link to the time when King Josiah’s priest had found the Book of the Law, which had been lost for generations.  Note Josiah’s reaction when the words were read, and he learned about the True GOD and what He required of His people.    
Jesus said we are to obey the Commandments, and not bowing down in front of a giant wooden symbol of the shame he endured for us or wearing it as jewelry is definitely breaking number 2.  I did some research to see just when the cross became a symbol of Christianity, and wouldn’t you know it, it is the fault of that tyrant emperor Constantine, the one who introduced the practice of a papacy into the church. He didn’t just make Christianity legal, and stopped the persecutions, he made it the official religion, thus FORCING it upon all of his subjects, whether there was a regeneration of the soul or not.  He incorporated their pagan practices, symbols, idols, and rituals into his new church in order to ease the transition for the polytheists of Rome.
Contrary to popular believe Jesus did not invent Christianity, Constantine did.  The Greek word for church in the Gospels is not  what we do (are) today.  The Greek word, (κκλησία, ας, ekklésia is he one Jesus said he was his bride, and the gates of hell would not prevail against her.  That Greek word means called out ones, whereas, Constantine converted the called out ones into oikodomé  which means a building used for spiritual enhancement.  As I stated in my previous blogs, “Cutting the Apron Strings from the Mother Church,” and GOD doesn’t fix was it too corrupt, he begins all over again,”  GOD destroyed the central worship center when He put the Gospel in legs and arms as the new mobile Temple, meant to spread, not gather.  For further references you can read those blogs.
I have to admit, of all the blogs I’ve had to write, this was the most difficult ones to write, but I must obey when I learn something more about our beloved Adonai.  This is going to take me some time to adjust, because we’ve so accepted the carved wooden image as a symbol of the love Jesus had for us for 1600 years.  Nothing changes that that love or act of self-sacrifice, it is too much for us to grasp.   I hated to be the bearer of bad news, but that giant wooden cross hanging up, in your oikodomé  buildings is an abomination to GOD, and an insult to Jesus, reminding him of the suffering he endured, like that motorcycle that saved countless lives, the one that killed your son.  

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